Privacy Policy

We want to be as transparent about our Privacy Policy as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] [ PGP Key ].

Table of Contents

GDPR Rights

In case you find yourself unable to use a specific right granted to you by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] [ PGP Key ].

We recognise your GDPR rights, even if you don't live in the EU.

Requests and Cookies

When you're visiting a web page, downloading required assets for it or using certain features, a request is sent, of which we store nothing. However, we use Clouflare and their privacy policy applies to you as an "End User."

Additionally, If you log in to or, we set a unique cookie which proves ownership of your account so you can use the service under that account.


Our service Google Analytics and Google Adsense, for which Google's Privacy Policy applies.

If you Login with or link your Twitter, Instagram, Github, Reddit, and/or Steam account to an account of any of our services, we will store your unique username in Germany until you unlink that service to provide you with an account, and with a profile, if applicable. Additionally, the services themselves remember that you authorised our service until you unauthorize it. articles have a Disqus embed to provide comments; however, to load them, a request is sent to disqus, which will reveal you're looking at article X at the time of the request.


When you chose to create an account on, we store

in Germany, in correlation to secure your account, display it on your profile and personalise the experience until you remove the information or delete your account.

Email Forwarding

If you enable email forwarding on, we store

in correlation on our email servers in Germany to provide the forwarding service.

Additionally, for all incoming emails, we store:

which we use to improve our spam filters and compliance.

Currently, our email servers do not enforce encryption for receiving and sending but try to enable it whenever possible, only because too many providers don't support it yet.


When you upload a screenshot using the LavaShot App, it's uploaded to our server in Germany, where it's publically available in compressed format at its unique link unless we receive a correct abuse notice.

Let's Encrypt Certificates

When you generate a Let's Encrypt Certificate using, we store

in correlation in Germany to re-deliver and renew your certificate for the time the certificate is valid.

A certificate is valid for 90 days. However, if you click the "Claim + certificate" button on within the last 30 days before the certificate expires, it's automatically renewed.

When generating or renewing a certificate, your IP address is shared with Cloudflare and Let's Encrypt so your certificate can be issued.

Code Analysis

This section applies to and the associated Github App.

We store the uploaded files or the branch of your repository in Germany to analyize them until they have been analyse.

In the case of the Github App, Github stores up to 50 annotations of the result of our analysis until the commit which triggered the analysis is deleted either by the branch or repository being deleted.

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