Privacy Policy

This document describes how we collect and process your data.

Table of Contents

GDPR Rights

In case you find yourself unable to use a specific right granted to you by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

We recognise your GDPR rights, even if you don't live in the EU.

Requests and Cookies

When you're visiting a web page, downloading required assets for it or using certain features, a request is sent, of which we store nothing.

We don't set any cookies unless you log in to one of our services, so that you can use the service using your account.

We use Cloudflare and their privacy policy applies to you as an "End User."

Our Server Locations

We're a German company, we host all of our servers in Germany, and so that's where all the data is at.

Integrations uses Disqus to provide comments on articles, and as such their privacy policy applies to you if you visit a article.

Some pages on some of our websites embed reCAPTCHA by Google, for which Google's Privacy Policy applies. and use Google Analytics for analytics, for which Google's Privacy Policy applies. also uses PropellerAds for advertising, for which PropellerAds' privacy policy applies.

Your Personal Data

Some of our services allow you to create an account, which some of your personal data may be attached to. So, in the following sub-sections we will go over each bit of personal data that we may store.

Unique Identifiers

When connecting with a third-party services for login, we store your unique identifier on that service in association with your account to facilitate subsequent logins until you unlink that service.

Display Name

Your accounts may be associated with a display name, which might be your given name or full name. When you create an account by connecting with a third-party service, we copy your display name on that service to our service.

Profile Picture

When connecting to a third-party service we store a URL to your profile picture on that service, if applicable, until you unlink that service, so your profile picture with the third-party service can be your profile picture on our service as well without you needing to upload it again.

Email Address

When connecting to a third-party service, we will copy the email address that you have provided to them, if applicable, until you unlink that service.

Email Forwarding

If you enable email forwarding on, we store

in correlation on our email servers to provide the forwarding service.

Additionally, for all incoming emails, we store:

which we use to improve our spam filters and compliance.

Currently, we don't enforce encryption for receiving and sending but try to enable it whenever possible, because too many providers don't support it yet.


When you upload a screenshot using the LavaShot App, it's uploaded to our server, where it's publically available at its unique link forever unless we receive a correct abuse notice. · Report Abuse