A delightfully devilish developer bond since 2017.


One intuitive, open-source package manager for all operations systems.

Rate My VPN

An independent site, rating your VPN or Proxy based on how well it performs in practice.


Apimon grants everyone free access to public information.


Hax.to is a linking service that allows you to shorten links and prevents target sites from knowing the referrer.


A free and open-source service for end-to-end encrypted notes and code snippets.

Anti-Abuse Intelligence

Giving you the power to stop bad actors online.


LavaShot is an easy and modern screenshot tool with built-in uploader to easily save and share your screenshots.

Collective Hosts File

A project which strives to collect as many nasty domains as possible and puts them in one big file.


Boost.ink is a link shortener that allows you to gain subscribers, followers, likes, etc.

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